Meg MacMillian is a new, upcoming and flexible British actor with roots in Shakespeare and realism. Trained in stage and screen acting, Meg graduted with Honours in 2018.

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UPCOMINg projects

Cambridge Shakespeare Festival

The UK's best loved open-air Shakespeare Festival is back for 2021!


An evening at the Cambridge Shakespeare Festival is a unique experience. Prior to the performance, members of the audience can picnic in this idyllic setting, before sitting back to enjoy an evening of dynamic and highly visual theatre. The Festival prides itself on an artistic policy which strips away unnecessary theatrical artifice and gimmickry, and the Company exists to provide access for all to these marvellous works without assuming any prior knowledge of the author or the play in question.


The productions themselves are vivid and spectacular, and are performed in full period costume with live Elizabethan music. 


Meg is due to appear in this year's festival as Mistress Page in The Merry Wives of Windsor and as Witch 2/Lady Macduff/Seyton in Macbeth.

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Shakespeare in Cambridge by Andrew Muir

Love and Sex and All Things in Between

Verbatim stories of "love" in all its magnificence and monstrousness.


A brand new verbatim play written and directed Joanne Denson-Stockdale of Yt2 Theatre, Meg will be returning to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019 in Love and Sex and All Things In-Between for a two week run.


Whilst Denson-Stockdale's previous piece, Out of Control, focuses solely on the experience of controlling and coercive relationships, Love and Sex and All Things In-Between has broken away from its harrowing, though important, roots in a bid to nurture the prospect of an honest dialogue about love in its many forms - from the physical, to the emotional; commiserating, to celebrating.


The run for this piece has now ended.

Poster for Love and Sex and All Things in Between